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Virginia Right

New Yorkers are different than most people. And I don’t mean that in a bad way. It is just a fact that I have learned over the years. Having spent much of my life traveling for a living and being a person that loves to observe and (hopefully) understand, or at least learn about people I cross paths with in my travels has given me a different perspective on people than most who have not traveled as extensively as I. For most of the 90’s and up until 9/11 I accrued about 500,000 Frequent Flyer Miles a year. I spent an exhausting amount of time in airports, hotels and in rental cars. And going back to the 70’s I traveled the country and the world for my job. And New York was a very frequent stop for me.

Most people from the South simply see New Yorkers as rude, arrogant, loud and a number of descriptive terms that are less polite. But what I have found is that this is simply a veneer, a front they put on with strangers. It is probably some sort of psychological coping mechanism that helps them deal with life in The City. And to be clear here, I am talking about people from New York City. Not “Upstate” or other areas of the State of New York. Outside of The City, if you go far enough away, New Yorkers are not much different than Virginians or anyone else.

But the people who live and work in New York City are a different breed. On the surface….

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This native New Yorker (City) could not have said it better herself.