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bill de blasio no integrity


Claiming that the harassment of the LGBT community is worse since Bill de Blasio became mayor, the gay mafia has declared war on de Blasio for his decision to gay prostitution ring/escort service Rentboy.com. what is surely now to be one

New York Post

Gay activists are furious over the rentboy.com raid and arrests for prostitution — and they are wondering why Mayor de Blasio and Police Commissioner William Bratton worked with the federal prosecutors in Brooklyn.

Both the mayor and Bratton march in the very same gay pride parade in which rentboy.com has a float. “Koch, Giuliani and Bloomberg didn’t go after rentboy.com.

Why is de Blasio?” wondered one gay man who has used the service.

Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance Jr. had his name taken off the press release on the bust because he had nothing to do with it….


The Gay Gestapo is really pissed over NYPD’s ticketing of gay men cruising for pickups in Prospect Park.  Amazing, even in the world of sleaze, there are double standards.

While some are connecting the raid to the Pope’s visit in September, if it were truly about the Papal Visit then what’s up with the naked women at Times Square?

Could it be that de Blasio would rather shut down a major gay prostitution ring than deal with the naked painted women destroying what was until recently the family friendly Times Square?

It is long past time that de Blasio learns to walk and chew gum at the same time.