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BE FUNKY anchor babies


Grumpy Opinions by Sarge

Well, here we are. I warned you it was coming soon. The cannibals in the Republican Party are attacking each other.

The Republican Party is formulating a battle plan to diminish the challenge their most dangerous enemy has presented for them. They’re trying like hell to figure out just what it will take to diminish the power and destructive might of forces they refuse to recognize in an opponent. And, thus we see the Republican Party’s need to coalesce behind battle-plans allowing them to progress beyond their present status of perpetual “also-ran”.

The main problem with this tactical development is their drive not to overcome Hillary Clinton but Donald Trump or any of the other droids seeking to maintain a liberal, socialist leaning nation where the middle class pays for everything, and the “poor” and “disadvantaged” have no responsibility to produce for themselves or the common good. This act shows how stupid the Republican Party hierarchy is right now. The hierarchy is too idiotic to recognize if they adopted his combativeness while fiercely addressing issues the Democrats shrink from; they could better control the narrative Trump has stolen from them in their rejection of the American people’s ideal.

They’d rather be “one –size fits none” than tailor-made for the ideals of the Constitution.

I’m no fan of The Donald. But Trump, for all of his blather, bombast and bullspit (sic) has vocalized what many people feel is the truth: Political Correctness (PC) is dishonesty in action and it’s destructive in practice. It hides personal, political agendas and there’s no illumination possible because of the “Black hole” of carefully crafted words disguising the truth of the debate. PC casts shadows on truth. It darkens perception by diverting attention to the act of PC as opposed to dealing with the issues to be addressed….

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