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BE FUNKY schoolbus
The moment America’s children return to school after a summer break that never seems long enough, out pops those invasive surveys.

of Politichicks posted a screenshot of a survey/questionnaire Texas schools (rest assured it’s not just the state of Texas) are distributing to students for completion and return to the schools.

Invasive? To say the least and none of their business.

This appeared in Texas, coming home from school with a 7th grader.  Students were asked to ‘check all that apply toy and your fast realm of knowledge.’ A few of the questions:

‘My family has an online checking account and monitors bills online.’

‘During the holidays, my family hires a decorator to decorate the house….’

FireShot Screen Capture #094 - 'Parents Beware_ This Might Be THE Most Invasive Survey Ever Given to a 7th Grader_ » Politichicks_com' - politichicks_


Original school bus image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons, Creative Commons.