SCREENSHOT domenic durden killed by illegal immigrant

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25 Americans are killed every single day by someone illegally in our Country. (AND, no, NY ICE does NOT believe that another amnesty should be offered to the non-murderous illegal alien trespassers).

This entry is devoted to the NY ICE Members who have had their loved ones killed by an illegal alien, or victims that have been specifically called to NY ICE’s attention by its Membership.

The Above Video is a tribute to Dominic Durden, who was killed by an alien illegally in California named Juan Zacarias Lopez Tzun.

His mother, Sabine Durden, brought Dominic’s ashes to DC so that the typical couldn’t-care-less politicians would have to be in the presence of her dead son’s ashes.

Sabine has since founded an organization to honor Dominic called Dom Hugs, and this is his website: http://www.domhugs.com

The above post was prepared by Progress Rose of NYIce. I include the following to bring attention to Sabine Durden’s endless battle seeking justice for her son, Dominic, and peace for the family, friends and loved ones as they well-deserve yet remains out of reach because of actions taken by a lawless administration, deaf ear to those victimized by the very thugs courted by America’s leadership.

Last month, Dominic’s mother, Sabine Durden, sent a letter to Barack Obama “in response to the presence of an illegal alien at the White House reception observing LGBT Pride Month.”

The illegal alien heckled Obama during the ceremony about the deportations of illegals prompting Obama to rebuke the invitee, “No, no, no, you’re in my house.”


Durden told Breitbart News, “I decided to write to the President because it is highly upsetting that he continues to invite illegals to the White House, but never spoke to any of us who lost so dearly….”

Durden criticizes the president for inviting illegal aliens to his events: ‘WHEN do legal citizens that have been affected by this immigration issue, get a chance to share their side of the story with you?’

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You can also read Sabine’s letter to the White House at the link above and following Sabine’s quest for justice at http://www.domhugs.com/.

screenshot dominic durden

Never forget, America. Never forget.