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C. J. Pearson (Facebook photo)

C. J. Pearson (Facebook photo)

Thirteen year old, activist and YouTube sensation, C.J. Pearson famous for his video rants (President Obama’s supposed love for our country and George Takei’s racist comments) emailed Allen West yesterday about a disturbing find C.J. happened upon while accessing the internet on his school’s computer in Business Science class.

Allen B. West by Michele Hickford

We write here often about how the liberal progressive agenda permeates our public school system. Here’s the latest example.

C.J. emailed me, ‘this morning, while sitting in Business Science, I had a bit of free time so I decided to browse the web. I needed to access something from tedcruz.org, but after multiple attempts, the page kept coming up as blocked’ […]

screenshot email from cj pearson to allen west - screenshot of school computer blocking access to Ted Cruz website

In light of the above discovery, C. J. then attempted to access Planned Parenthood to find out if PP was blocked as well.

screenshot email from cj pearson to allen west - screenshot of school computer permitting access to Planned Parenthood website

Of course not. This is selective censorship by a Progressive educational system pushing the Progressive agenda. Indoctrination takes priority over education.

Most parents, I am sure, have no idea that their children are able to access sites such as Planned Parenthood from school computers.