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UPDATE 2: WBDJ On-Air Shooter has died.

The WBDJ On-Air shooter, Bryce Williams aka Vesper Lee Flanagan II, age 41, has died in a Virginia hospital allegedly of self-inflicted gunshot wound(s).

Too bad. I can’t help but feel that Bryce William aka Vesper Flanagan took the coward’s way out.

Virginia State Police is still processing his vehicle.


UPDATE: Below is an update from the Virginia State Police Facebook page on the condition of the shooter.
screenshot virginia police update in wdbj on air shooting

BE FUNKY wdbj reporter alison parker and cameraman adam ward killed on-air,jpg

Disgruntled former employee, “Bryce Williams” (on air name) aka Vester Lee Flanagan shot and killed Virginia news reporter, Alison Parker, age 24 and photographer Adam Ward, age 27 during a live broadcast this morning at about 6:45 a.m.

Cutting to the quick, police who were allegedly in live pursuit reported that Flanagan shot himself on I-66, Fauquier County, Virginia.

 Bryce Williams (on-air name) aka Vesper Lee Flanagan former WDBJ employee

Bryce Williams

According to “unofficial reports”, Flanagan with police in pursuit pulled his car to the side of the road, jumped out, took off and then shots were heard.

Twenty minutes later, Virginia state police phoned in to WDBJ Live to report that the “suspected gunman is still alive, has a pulse and is in very critical condition.” Source: WDBJ Live.

Note that these reports are just unfolding.

Also according to news reports of the on-air shooting, at least fifteen shots were fired.

In addition, Vicki Gardner, employee of the Smith Mountain Lake Regional Chamber of Commerce, who at the time of the shooting was being interviewed by Parker was shot as well.

Gardner who was shot in the back is now out of surgery and in stable condition.

Throughout the morning as this played out, Williams/Flanagan who posted the video of the shooting on Facebook and Twitter for his fan base under his pseudonym “Bryce Williams” made statements accusing Parker and cameraman of making racists remarks.

Facebook and Twitter has removed Williams/Flanagan’s accounts.

bryce williams twitter account suspended

screenshot takedown of bryce williams social media page

Unfortunately, the accounts were not suspended before the video of the shooting went viral.

In spite of the footage going viral, I have decided NOT to post the video which clearly shows Parker getting shot multiple times as she attempts to run away on my blog.

According to Fox News, WDBJ that has a diverse staff, investigated Williams/Flanagan’s accusations of racism and found them to be false.

ABC News reported earlier that some time between last night and this morning they received a 23 page fax from someone claiming to be Bryce Williams. The fax has been turned over to authorities. H/t Heavy.

Virginia’s scumbag governor Terry McAuliffe jumping the gun, could not wait to politicize the shootings with the usual Progressive assault on the Second Amendment and the need for background checks even though there were no reports that the shooter has a criminal record nor did he wait for any of the facts to start playing themselves out.


‘There are too many guns in the hands of people that shouldn’t have guns… McAuliffe said during an interview with WTOP. ‘There is too much gun violence in America,’ he said, adding that he has long advocated for strengthening gun background checks and that it should be made a priority….

What a dirt bag. It pays to note that today’s shooting like so many others occurred in a gun-free zone and then there is the mental state of the shooter.

You can following the reports on WDBJ Live Stream, here.