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As most who visit my blog are aware, I was born, raised and continue to live in before New York City. I remember our five boroughs long before it became a sanctuary city and the cesspool it is today and am fully aware of the perils of illegal immigration and its effect on Americans, primarily Black Americans.

My son, who is unfamiliar with New York City before it became the cesspool it is today, thinks that I am prejudice against certain groups. He sees no difference between legal and illegal immigration. After all, living in a sanctuary city means that all of his friends are either legal or illegal immigrants.

Refusing to discuss illegal immigration, I suspect that he is unfamiliar with the term, anchor babies; and family discussions on the matter are about as heated as family discussions during the 2008 presidential elections.

Clueless, has no idea what illegal immigration is doing to his future, that of his children, legal immigrants and Americans, especially Black Americans.

The following blog post from the African Spear touches home on the deleterious effects of illegal immigration on the Black community, in this instance, living in the state of California that the mainstream media refuses to cover and elected officials who have colluded against Blacks refuse to address.

screenshot Channel Temple

Channel Temple (screenshot)

THE black communities of LOS ANGELES have been the most affected by the open border policies of the last 25 years, much of their communities and jobs have been washed away. KEEP in mind the fantastic betrayal these people are suffering from because their local leaders were complicit in the whole illegal immigration scheme even though it has destroyed the black community. THE article and video of CHANELL TEMPLE is just a sample of the anger and frustration black’s are going through in L.A they’ve been shoved to the back of the line , behind foreigners ! […]