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I began this post a week ago at which point, I was focused on shootings in New York City that occurred during the weekend of August 7th through 9th.

Enter mid-week and the post is still not finalized the post. I decided to hold the post until Sunday night, Monday morning so that I could include another weekend of violent crime occurrences in NYC under the era of Bill de Blasio. The exception being that this weekend’s report on violence will not be limited to gun violence.

Countdown to the weekend…Thursday evening:

Isaiah Cicero (Facebook photo)

Isaiah Cicero (Facebook photo)

Gearing up for the weekend, the gun violence started early when a gun-toting Black male wearing a doo-rag and bandana to shield his face leaped out of a dark-colored Mitsubishi at Saratoga and Livonia Avenues in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn chased three men in their 20’s sitting on their stoop into the building’s cramped foyer.

With the men trapped, the gunman popped off three rounds shooting Taariq Smith, 20, and Sydney Mylles, 18 in the arm and killing twenty-one year old Isaiah Cicero with a gunshot wound to the chest.

Cicero, Smith and Mylles are allegedly gang bangers, i.e., members of the Crips and known to police, which explains why business as usual in the hood, Smith, and Mylles whose wounds are not life threatening is refusing to cooperate with investigators. [Refusal to cooperate means (a) no snitching; (b) Smith and Mylles know who killed Cicero and (c) revenge. The circle of violence will continue as whoever killed Cicero or someone close to the shooter will soon be on a slab in the morgue.]

Friday morning:

Eight hours later, inside the Howard Houses, NYC housing project located in the heart of Brownsville not far from Thursday’s shooting, Clifford Fisher, 25 died after taking a shot to the head.

Although in the same neighborhood, the shootings are supposedly unrelated and probably are because that is business as usual in the hood. (New York Daily News)

Saturday morning:

Darell Kingsberry  (Facebook photo)

Darell Kingsberry (Facebook photo)

A 35 year old man was shot, twice in the back, once in the stomach and once in the left leg, in front of a church on Van Buren St. near Marcus Garvey Blvd. in Bedford-Stuyvesant shortly before 8 a.m. Shooting victim, Darell Kingsberry, died 45 minutes later at Woodhull Hospital. (New York Daily News)

Kingsberry came from a family with a history of violence.

When the Carroll Garden Patch, a Brooklyn newspaper contacted Kingsberry’s mother, through her tears, Darnella Kingsberry at her Baltimore home, she spoke of the loss of another son, 22-year-old son, Nacoma Haskin in 2002 shot and killed outside a McDonald’s in Jamaica, Queens when he went to aid a friend.

At that time, Kingsberry, mother of six told the New York Post that , “she’s surrounded by “demons…Sometimes, I just feel like it’s a curse. Everything is caving in – I’m losing my kids one by one.”

Kingsberry had good reason to feel as if she is surrounded by demons. Her then 25-year-old daughter, Darshen Kingsberry, was involved in a horrific crime in the summer of 2002, i.e., the killing of Good Samaritan, Rupinder Singh.

Singh on his way home from his uncle’s house came upon Darshen, her 4 year old daughter and some friends at a gas station along the Belt Parkway because they needed a ride.

In turn, these cold-blooded killers, taunted Singh, beat him up in his SUV and then drove him to a park where as he begged for his life, they forced on to his knees and killed him. Darshen’s little girl witnessed the whole thing.

Darshen who has a Facebook page and an accomplice received a sentence of 25 years to life for the murder of Singh.

Talk about a bad year for Darnella Kingsberry, three weeks after Darshen’s arrest son Darell Kingsberry who was killed this weekend turned himself in to law enforcement for the December 2000 gang-related shooting of a teen.”

Darnella Kingsberry begged son Darell when he was released from prison two or three years ago after serving 12 years to leave Brooklyn. He did not.

Saturday afternoon:

A young man while waiting on a subway platform at the 14th Street, Union Square train station was stabbed in the stomach when attacked by male rivals. The man assumedly in his 20s is in stable condition. Source: New York Daily News.

Sunday morning:

Sometime around 3 a.m., in the Washington Heights section of the Manhattan, police found a woman lying in the street middle of the street near W. 162nd St. near St. Nicholas Avenue with several knife wounds to her chest. A male, age 30 found in possession of a knife was taken into custody.

UPDATE: The woman found in the street happened to be Morgan Freeman’s granddaughter, E’Dena Hines, 33. Hines’ boyfriend is alleged to have killed her during an exorcism.

[NOTE: This not about a celebrity. Every now and then, here in NYC, a story will break about a murder connected to Santeria[i] or Haitian voodoo . In some cases, someone, somehow voodoo or something told them that his or her lover/spouse had cheated them… ]

About an hour later, a 66-year-old man was discovered lying face up in bed with a plastic bag over his head, in his Elmhurst apartment.

Sunday afternoon:

Crazed ex-boyfriend who abducted Queens woman at knifepoint arrested after stabbing himself (perpetrator is possibly an illegal immigrant).

NYPD searching for man who broke into Staten Island home, raped 7-year-old girl: cops (perpetrator is possibly an illegal immigrant).

Masturbating man tried to rape woman on Brooklyn subway train: police


Weekend August 7 through August 9th

Where to start:

7:30 pm: Setting the pace for the rest of the night/weekend, a 33-year-old male alleged member of the Bloods with a criminal record along with a female age 32 were shot.

The shootings occurred during a barbecue in the housing development, Lafayette Gardens near Classon and Lafayette Avenues located in the Bed-Stuy section of Brooklyn.

9 pm: Christopher Tennison, age 32 now deceased was shot and killed in front of the halfway house in which he lived in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn (Atlantic Avenue and Eastern Parkway).

Tennison who allegedly has a history of drugs and prior arrests died over a quarrel about money.

According to reports, the shooter who lives in a homeless shelter in the area during the row, grabbed Tennison’s wallet from his pocket and shot him in the face.

11 pm: Less than a mile away, a 22-year-old male took two bullets to the back at Osborne Street near Pitkin Avenue on the outskirt of the Howard Houses.

Sunday morning –

1 am: At the corner of Saratoga Avenue and Sumpter Street also located in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn, two men were shot ages 30 and 32.

At about the same time, near Queens Village, a 20-year-old male was shot in the leg at Springfield Boulevard and 112th Avenue.

Almost simultaneously, two bystanders, teenagers were shot when an argument broke at a park in Washington Heights in Manhattan on Riverside Drive near W. 158th Street.

One of the teens was a “17-year-old girl was shot in the upper right thigh and 19-year-old man was shot in the left knee.”

Sometime Sunday morning or afternoon (not sure which), a 16 year old was shot in the foot near Co-op City in the Bronx and a male shot in the face near Marcy Avenue, Bed Stuy.

That would bring my tally up to eleven shot with one fatality.


The previous weekend (July 31 – August 2) was just as violent as were the weekends before. Shootings across the City resulted in 3 deaths and 19 wounded. During one of the shootings, nine people were shot at a house party in East New York, Brooklyn.

CORRECTION: 10 shooting incidents, 22 wounded — “19 in Brooklyn alone. And this capped a week which saw 18 incidents with 33 victims — before Monday’s violence.” Source: New York Post.

The summer is not done yet. We are now in mid-August and Labor Day weekend is less than 3 weeks away.

Revelers are beginning (this week) to celebrate with pre-Labor Day festivities, which translate into shots ringing out all the louder and blood flowing through the streets of the five boroughs more so.

According to the New York Daily News that brings the shooting for last week up to 26 as of midnight on Sunday, a 37% increase from last year.

None of the above includes, sexual assaults, burglaries, etc. committed which is also on the rise these days under Bill de Blasio’s reign over New York City and has New Yorkers pleading for the return of Stop and Frisk.

There is also the matter of the degeneration of the quality of life here in NYC also under Bill de Blasio but that is another post.

In fact, many of the New Yorkers pleading for its return were party to the outcry that Stop and Frisk was racist and unfair.

For the record, hell will freeze over first before de Blasio and his fellow Communists in the NYC Council acquiesce to the voice of New York begging for the return of stop and frisk.

For starters, taking down stop and frisk is touted as one of Commie Bill’s achievements aka another David Dinkins moment. Next, it is the goal of the Commie leadership of the City to take NYPD down to bare bones.

Bill de Blasio’s gift to New York is taking us back to the era of David Dinkins, which really STUNK.

What would social engineering be without the homeless and sickos urinating, defecating and masturbating on the streets of Manhattan in addition to bodies dropping and New York City streets turning crimson red from all the shootings?

According to the New York Daily News that brings the shooting for last week up to 26 as of midnight on Sunday, a 37% increase from last year.

Sexual assaults, burglaries, quality of life crimes, etc., all of which are skyrocketing under Bill de Blasio’s reign taking us back to the days of David Dinkins has New Yorkers pleading for the return of Stop and Frisk.

New Yorkers, tourists and other visitors are pining for the days when one could walk down the street without sighting the homeless or someone with mental issues defecating in public on the sidewalk.

Not long ago, I warned my cab driver that under de Blasio Times Square would soon return to XXX status becoming a no-child zone.

Disney made Times Square child/family friendly.

Bill de Blasio hates capitalism so much, that he will destroy Times Square’s prosperity and child/family friendly environment returning it to the pimps, prostitutes, perverts and other elements of thuggery making it as dangerous, squalid and vulgar as it was pre-Disney.

BE FUNKY Bill de Blasio's New York City 003

Today, painted naked women have taken over the fast becoming not so children/family friendly Times Square along with loons and perverts dressed as Marvel characters that fight and threaten tourists. (Pimps must be giddy over this naked woman thing going on in Times Square.

Before long, we will hear that this morphed into a prostitution ring. Take it from one who remembers the Dinkins and pre-Dinkins era of Times Square; this is an opportunity waiting to happen.)

Disney will have to fundamentally transform its package pimping out Minnie and Mickey or leave.

There is also the matter of the degeneration of the quality of life here in NYC also under Bill de Blasio but that is another post.

Commie de Blasio, New York City Council, YOU BUILT THIS.

Sources: New York Daily News, Gothamist, New York Post.

Image sources: Rotten Apple (CC0 Public domain): Pixabay; Police Line Do not Cross Tape, Flickr (CC0 Public domain).


[i] Santería, also known as Regla de Ochá or La Regla de Lucumí, is a syncretic religion of Caribbean origin which developed in the Spanish Empire among West African descendants. Santería is influenced by and syncretized with Roman Catholicism. Its liturgical language, a dialect of Yoruba, is also known as Lucumí. (Source: Wikipedia.)