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Lynette “Diamond” Hardaway and Rochelle “Silk” Richardson aka The Stump for Trump Girls aka WeBeSisters are calling out MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki for disinviting them to appear on to his weekend program.

The last minute cancellation occurred after the sisters refused to impart personal information such as the names of their children and employers to MSNBC.

BE FUNKY screenshot the viewers view rip MSNBC Steve Kornacki 001

Uh-oh! RRRiiiiiiiiippppppppp!!!!!

At the very last second, he uninvited us when we wouldn’t provide the name of our employers, and deep personal information. Why he need that? So he could do a hit piece on us! So after dedicating 4 hours to be on his show, he cancelled us because we want to protect our privacy. They try to spread hate about Trump at MSNBC, and now they try to do it to us. But we don’t play that game, we fight fire with fire!


 Published on Aug 14, 2015 by The Viewers View

As my mother (God rest her soul) used to say, “These ladies don’t take NO tea for the fever.”

For the record, as noted on the about page of their website, the Lynette “Diamond” Hardaway and Rochelle “Silkare Democrats who “want to see America great again and that’s why we be on the stump for Trump. Before you go asking the nonsense question, let us give you the straight up answer… NO, we are not paid by Mr. Trump or anyone connected to his campaign!”

In addition, their support of Trump, running as a Republican proves that not everyone on the left is asleep and debunks the myth that only Republicans support Donald Trump and as I have often heard from stupid American voters here in NYC, Caucasians.

Considering MSNBC’s actions, it is safe to say that Progressives in both parties fear Donald Trump.

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