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Grumpy Opinions by Grumpy Elder

For the last 23 years the GOP has pointed to the 1992 three way race between Bill Clinton, George Bush and Ross Perot as proof all a third party effort would do is guarantee the democrats would win the election. They’ve used the strategy effectively to keep their conservative base from telling them to go to hell and forming a third party. For years it’s allowed them to lie to voters to get elected, then do whatever their big money contributors want, as soon as the votes are counted.

Perot didn’t make an impressive figure standing between two men who stood a full head taller than him

Perot didn’t make an impressive figure standing between two men who stood a full head taller than him

Think about it, the day after last years election, the current Speaker, John Boehner was already telling us he didn’t give a rat’s ass about his member’s campaign promises. Since then he’s funded Obamacare, legitimized Obama’s criminal rewriting of our immigration law and ignored dozens of Obama’s other extra constitutional and frequently illegal actions.

Lately there’s been a lot of talk about Donald Trump going third party, something he’s threatened if the GOP doesn’t treat him with the respect due a serious candidate… As I type this, there’s talk that the GOP Establishment’s going to block him from participating in the rest of the GOP debates. The excuses they’re using is he refused to pledge allegiance to the whoever ends up the GOP Nomination next year, and because of his so called sexist attitude toward FOX News Hostess Megyn Kelly..

Of course the establishment types are screaming that guarantees a win for Hillary.. (assuming she’s not in jail by then)

I’m not so sure.

I’ve believed for a long time Perot got a bum rap, and he complicated things for himself by dropping out of the race, then jumping back in just weeks before the election. When he got back into the race he said he’d dropped out because GOP operatives had been threatening his daughter, something that sounds more believable now than it did then.

But that was only part of it….

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