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Grumpy Opinions by Moos.

First and last time I’m going to say this.


Yeah, bummer about the lion.


Having said this, can we spend a moment discussing the difference in bandwidth, which this coverage and another story are getting nationally? Turn on the television and there’s a photo of Cecil licking his paws, lying down, mounting one of his ‘wives’, and, in general, just doing cute-hey-I’m-not-a-killing-machine I’m doing cute and cuddly ‘kitty’ stuff. Next appears a photo showing a despicable man who spends his time scaling gums, scraping tarter, drilling teeth, and tells you constantly to “Rinse and spit” which ended the short, (yet memorable) cuddly kitty life of ‘Cecil the Lion’. .

Another story cropped up recently which I’m thinking might be a bit MORE worthy of National debate than this, “Lion shooting” obsession in the Media. Perhaps the one about the folks from the Center for Medical Progress who were negotiating to buy ‘virtually unused!’ fetal parts from Planned Parenthood? .

Interestingly enough, this story is about another Cecil (well, actually it’s ‘Cecile’ Richards, but I’m leaving the last ‘e’ off her name because, well, just because I can – it’s my post, after all).


I’m guessing any off-hand remarks about ‘Mounting THIS Cecile’s Head above the mantle’ would be inappropriate?


Cecile Richards is the President of Planned Parenthood. This family-friendly (not really) organization offers wonderful services to women, WAY too many for me to type here, but here’s what I found on their website, you know, so I won’t misrepresent the useful, beneficial…..

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