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The latest government war on behalf of the gay mafia against Christians is unfolding in juvenile detention centers.

BEFUNKY screenshotofkentuckyjuvenilecenterterminatingpastorswhowontgoalongwithLGBTdoctrine

In this instance, the Kentucky Department of Juvenile Justice system is revoking the credentials of those pastors who provide “spiritual counseling and mentorship to juvenile inmates” who refuse to sign “a state-mandated statement that homosexuality was not ‘sinful,’ among other things…”

Liberty Counsel

Frankfort, KY — The Kentucky Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) revoked the volunteer credentials of an ordained minister because he was unable to sign a statement promising to refrain from ever telling juvenile inmates that homosexuality was ‘sinful.’ In a letter to the Commissioner, Liberty Counsel has given the Department until July 31 to reinstate David Wells’ volunteer visitor credentials.

Evangelist David Wells has served as a volunteer for over ten years, faithfully visiting and mentoring juveniles at the Warren County Regional Juvenile Detention Center, under the prison ministry of Pleasant View Baptist Church in McQuady.

‘Many juveniles are in DJJ custody because of sexual crimes,’ said Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel. ‘David Wells must be able to discuss what the Bible says about matters of sexuality with the juveniles he is trying to help. To remove the Bible from a pastor’s hands is like removing a scalpel from a surgeon’s hands,’ Staver said…

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Evangelist David Wells Kentucky banned from mentoring after refusing to sign a statement going along with the LGBT doctrine at Kentucky Juvenile Detention Centers.

Evangelist David Wells Kentucky banned from mentoring after refusing to sign a statement going along with the LGBT doctrine at Kentucky Juvenile Detention Centers.


The PC police at the Kentucky Department of Juvenile Justice under Policy 912 IV(H) “Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity” has ordained that such language is illegal, biased and hateful in spite of the fact that Pastor David Wells (mentioned above) never once engaged in any conversations with juveniles at the detention center that might have been misconstrued as illegal, biased and hateful.

The Kentucky Department of Juvenile Justice having crossed the line is now infringing upon the religious liberties and free speech of Pastor Wells and I would suspect the child by instructing the pastor as to how to mentor children desperate for spiritual enlightenment.

Page 3 of Liberty Counsel’s letter to the Kentucky Department of Juvenile Justice:

All of these children have asked Mr. Wells if there was any hope for them in this life,
and in the life to come. He has told them without exception that Christ can, and would,
forgive them, if they would repent and believe the gospel. This message has given them
hope, and many have told him this personally and in written correspondence.

Despite these facts, Superintendent Wade has told Mr. Wells, on the basis of Policy
912, that if a child now asks questions of him on issues involving sexual activity, he may not
discuss the same with them: ‘You can give a scripture reference to the kids, and let them
look it up, but you can’t read it in their hearing. You can’t say ‘sinful;’ you can’t discuss
sexual orientation – heterosexual or homosexual – period.’ Superintendent Wade expressed
some regret about this, stating “I’m just doing what the state is telling me to do….’

Clearly, unconstitutional, the demands made does not past the smell test.

See Liberty Counsel’s letter to Kentucky’s Department of Juvenile Justice in its entirety below: