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Chattanooga shooter Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez

The twenty-four year old Islamic jihadist, Mohammad Abdulazeez, who shot and killed four U. S. Marines, one police officer and injured three people yesterday in Chattanooga, Tennessee had a blog, a manifest which proves that yesterday’s shootings were indeed “Islamic” in spite of insistence by government officials that the Chattanooga shootings not be labeled. (How dare we do the math ourselves.)

Abdulazeez, also killed yesterday during the shootout created just 72 hours prior to embarking on his reign of terror a blog entitled, MYABDULAZEEZ. which contains only two posts, i.e., manifesto, both dated July 13, 2015.

According to Shoebat.com, the jihadist Abdulazeez’s manifesto reveals “what the Daily Beast did when they cherry-picked statements, they did not present the manifesto at its fullest. It reveals a sinister plan to go to heaven through Jihad and that the man thought he was imprisoned in this world and that the only way out is through martyrdom….”

Below is an excerpt from the top post entitled, Understanding Islam: The Story of the Three Blind Men” which reveals the mindset and intent of this jihadist:

We often talk about the Sahaba (RA) and their Ibada. We talk about their worshiping at night, making thikr, reading quran, fasting, sala. But did you ever notice that in one certain period towards the end of the lives of the Sahaba (RA), almost every one of the Sahaba (RA) was a political leader or an army general? Every one of them fought Jihad for the sake of Allah. Every one of them had to make sacrifices in their lives and some even left all their wealth to make hijrah to Medina.

So this picture that you have in your mind that the Sahaba (RA) were people being like priests living in monasteries is not true. All of them towards the end of the lives were either a mayor of a town, governor of a state, or leader of an army at the frontlines. The Sahaba (RA) were very involved in establishing Islam in the world. Their mission was to establish Islam and live it….

(See complete manifesto at bottom of post)

Family Photo: Chattanooga Jihadist, Mohammad Abdulazeez center top row; father, Youssuf Abdulazeez, bottom row to the right.

Family Photo: Chattanooga Jihadist, Mohammad Abdulazeez center top row; father, Youssuf Abdulazeez, bottom row to the right.

As reported by Shoebat.com, it appears that members of the Abdulazeez family (above) are Islamic extremists starting with dad who was at one-time on the terror watch list.

Abdulazeez’s father, Youssuf Abdulazeez, third person to the right on the bottom, is most definitely a fundamentalist Muslim who studied at Texas A&M, (see Facebook, caption below), was appointed as a ‘special policeman’ for Chattanooga’s Department of Public Works in March 2005 and was investigated several years ago for ‘possible ties to a foreign terrorist organization,’ the New York Times reported….

His relative, Sue Abdelaziz/Abdulazeez, rails on Israel in support of Gaza: ‘Everyone is talking about supporting the people in Gaza and wanting to end the horrors against humanity being committed by Israel. Here’s something very simple you can do: boycott.’ ‘The American media is finally shedding a microscopic look on the truth of Palestinean Israeli relations by finally talking about Tariq Khdeir…’


CHATTANOOGA SHOOTER WORDPRESS BLOG MANIFESTO 001 'Understanding Islam_ The Story of the Three Blind Men I myabdulazeez'


Chattanooga Shooter July 13 WordPress Post Manifesto 002  'A Prison Called Dunya I myabdulazeez'

Just the tip of the iceberg.

On a final note:

Optics is everything or is it?

A Chattanooga mosque is under attack on CAIR’S Facebook page after it posted an announcement cancelling EID prayers last night because of the shootings.