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Teach for America alum and paid agent provacateur, DeRay McKesson is in Charleston, South Carolina laying the groundwork for chaos.

Teacher for America and agent provacateur deray mckesson

A poem by Conservative Treehouse (excerpt below) lays out just how unwelcome the likes of McKesson is in Charleston.

And the one speck of hope that he left in the town,
Was a crumb much too small to stop Ferguson’s frown.

Then he did the same thing to the other folks towns’,
Pitting neighbor on neighbor and burning it down.
Leaving naught but despair in his racism wake,
As the nation caught on, “why he’s only a snake”.

Then a town in the South, it came under attack,
Their fine folks were murdered – the devil was back.
Oh, he relished the thought of those folks filled with rage,
“Why, it’s the ultimate audience for my racism stage’.

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McKesson is organizing, collecting donations and biding his time, which I suspect is just a matter of days before he unleashes his rather on South Carolina.

Stand strong, Charleston. This race baiting, hate monger and racist (yes racist) will not stop until he has destroyed the South.

That beind said, DeRay McKesson is determined to be the next Al Sharpton and like his mentor, you can bet Black lives don’t matter. It’s all about the money. Check out the hashtag #StayWoke, #WhitePeopleConfessions (major gag factor) and the website, StayWoke.org,trolling for protesters and $$$$ under the guise of ending racism.