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FrontPage Mag, by Michael Cutler

A pattern of criminality has been in progress for decades with more Americans falling victim to this crime each day. The crime is “theft by deception.” Because of this, millions of Americans are losing their thin sliver of the American Dream, their security and their peace of mind

In order to understand the crime we first need to know and understand the elements of the crime.

To provide a starting point and specific language, we will use the definition of “theft by deception” as defined in one state in particular: Georgia. However, this crime, of using deception to steal, is codified in virtually every state and city. This crime is defined in the Georgia Code, in part, as….

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It is inexplicable that at this moment when our nation is suffering so and losing so much, that so how many Americans remain skittish about (a) voting these treasonous bastards out of office (pardon my language) and (b) starting a third party.

H/t Grumpy Opinions.