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Grumpy Opinions

After the Trade Adjustment Assistance Bill, which had to be passed in order to move the Trade Promotional Authority Bill to Obama’s Desk failed by an almost 3 to 1 margin, the idea of giving Barack Obama the power to negotiate the Trans Pacific Partnership Treaty in secret, with no congressional oversight should have been finished.. American’s should have been able to breath a little easier, knowing that Congress had listened to them for a change. But it was far from over..

House Speaker John Boehner decided to hold a vote to show that there was support for passing the Trade Promotion portion of the law.. It was a purely political move, designed to set the stage for his next move..

He’s called for a revote on the Trade Adjustment Assistance bill, this vote must take place by Tuesday at the latest.. John Boehner’s been around to long to risk something like that unless he’s sure he can pull it off. You can bet he has a couple spare aces hidden up his sleeve and a pocket full of bribes….


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This power grab being put forth by Barack Obama, John Boehner and the Progressive establishment leadership of both parties must be stopped. Get the word out…..

See link below for email addresses and phone numbers of your representatives.

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