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De Blasio Orders Immediate Hiring of Slews of Muslims to Serve as New York Police Officers

Isn’t favoring one religion over another unconstitutional? In the least it’s unfair and unAmerican. Apparently separation of church and state goes by the wayside when you recruit Muslims. People aren’t allowed to mention God if they’re Christians.


BEFUNKY bill de blasio's nyc where liberty goes to die


The Communist Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio (photo above) is behind the fast track hiring of many, many Muslims in the New York Police Department (they can keep their beards, hi jabs et cetera). The idea behind it is if they hire Muslims, the communication with the community will improve…..


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New Yorkers had better wake up before that Commie snake, Bill de Blasio tries to force feed New Yorkers Sharia Law at the hand of a gun and a badge. As for Bill Bratton, he does not have the stones to set this groundhog killing petard straight.