The Magna Carta at 800 Years old and the Common Core Saurons


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The Magna Carta at 800 Years old and the Common Core Saurons

Where is the freedom of the individual against the arbitrary authority of the Common Core autocrats?

Missouri Education Watchdog, by Gretchen Logue

Happy Birthday to The Magna Carta! Daniel Hannen writes in the WSJ (MEW bolded), Magna Carta: Eight Centuries of Liberty:

The very success of Magna Carta makes it hard for us, 800 years on, to see how utterly revolutionary it must have appeared at the time. Magna Carta did not create democracy: Ancient Greeks had been casting differently colored pebbles into voting urns while the remote fathers of the English were grubbing about alongside pigs in the cold soil of northern Germany. Nor was it the first expression of the law: There were Sumerian and Egyptian law codes even before Moses descended from Sinai.

What Magna Carta initiated, rather, was constitutional government—or, as the terse inscription on the American Bar Association’s stone puts it, “freedom under law.”

It takes a real act of imagination to see how transformative this concept must have been….

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