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Syed Basam, Repeat Sex Offender, Molester .

Syed Basam, Repeat Sex Offender, Molester .


Basam Syed, a thirty-five year old Pakistani male pervert was arrested last week for molesting a straphanger on NYC’s mass transit.

That brings Syed’s total number of arrests to 29, one of which involves tongue-kissing a four year old boy.

Compounding the perv’s disgusting behavior is mother dearest who says that her son has done nothing wrong. He is merely looking for a wife. H/t Gateway Pundit via Right Wing News.

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Registered sex offender Basam Syed, busted Tuesday for pressing against a straphanger’s backside on an East Side subway, was somehow free despite 28 prior arrests — including four while on probation for a 2014 sex crime.

But his mom insisted Friday that her oft-arrested offspring is only looking for the right woman. ‘It’s not easy to find a wife and have kids,’ she declared outside their Queens home. ‘She has to be a Pakistani. She has to be a Muslim girl….’


You can bet that Syed, a Pakistani Muslim was not groping and molesting Muslim women, which is why mommy dearest considers her son’s sexual perversions copacetic, “He doesn’t need help…Nothing is wrong with him.”

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On a final note, if the media and America were not so darned PC, they would see this Muslim’s actions for what they are (i) an assault on Americans by those who look down upon us; and (ii) business as usual in Muslim nations and communities and their victims be damned.