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If Rand Paul’s 10 1/2 hour filibuster against the Patriot Act proved nothing else, it confirmed that Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell is no different than his fascist predecessor, Harry Reid.

McConnell who supports both the Patriot Act and Obamatrade had planned to bring the latter to the Senate floor last night (Wednesday) for a vote but due to Paul’s filibuster, McConnell moved the vote back until 10 a.m. this morning in addition to closed debates on Obamatrade and not permitting any amendments to the legislation.

Breitbart by Matthew Boyle

McConnell and his pro-Obamatrade allies have blocked allowing votes on two separate amendments to Obamatrade from Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) —ones that would block a “living agreement” contained within the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) that Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) would fast-track and would stop President Obama from being able to turn trade deals into a dream immigration package for the Wall Street donor class. What’s more, there’s now talk that McConnell might not even allow a vote on a messaging amendment from Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)—one that wouldn’t even fix the immigration and guest worker problems in trade deals—even though it’d probably, because it has no teeth, pass the Senate nearly unanimously….

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