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Independent Sentinel,

‘Long Island school districts plan to add more than 500 new teachers and other staff for the 2015-16 academic year, mostly to boost instruction for Spanish-speaking students…’ Newsday wrote. The Spanish-speaking kids are the illegal alien children we are no longer allowed to call illegal alien children.

The article was written to praise Gov. Cuomo and Democrats for an astounding economic recovery after the greatest depression since the Great Depression according to their hyperbolic rhetoric, but in the article, they also mentioned instruction for ‘Spanish-speaking students. Those are our illegal alien children.

Seventy-one of the Island’s 124 districts indicated plans for more hiring…

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First about that mass influx of illegals from Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, etc. which now that the weather is warm and people are out and about, is noticeable in my neighborhood as well, the only thing their presence will bring about is more crime, violent crimes committed by gangs.

Second, I believe Long Islanders pay the highest property tax rates in the nation. Where am I going here? Those so-called “tax caps” that were put into place are about to be over-ridden.

Third, decades ago, we had these so-called ESL classes in public schools and like all things social engineering, it failed because most people from other countries won’t speak a word of English (or feel that they have to).