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On May 15, 2015, I wrote a post about China’s testing obsession going so far as Chinese high school students’ using amino acid IVs to support their beyond-humane studying for Chinese exams.

In that post, I observed that China has very few Nobel laureates– only nine.

Onlytwo were residing in China at the time of their awards.

One of these two was in prison.

China’s testing obsession kills creativity and confidence. However, China also has a single-party, highly-controlling, oppressive Communist government that does nothing for the free flow of ideas.

In 2008, Chinese university professor Liu Xiaobo and others drafted a document entitled Charter 08, which called for the end of the authoritarian Chinese government and the beginning of a democratic government for China.

The document linked above is a translation from the original Chinese. It is a cached copy originally posted by the group, Human Rights in…

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