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A lot of conservatives have heard of her.. Many of them frequent her website The Mad Jewess , I’ve talked to her several times on the phone, but never met her in person. This morning, watching the video was the first time I’ve actually seen her speak. Before I watched it she told me “I was really nervous and fidgeted all over the place”. She does seem a little nervous at first, but she seemed to get over it.

screenshot The Mad Jewess


The interview was conducted by Julie Borowski ( You Tube: the.truth.will.live ) a young video journalist who has recently made the transition from a fully indoctrinated left wing college student, to an adult who thinks for herself.. I watched a couple of her other videos From Atheist Feminist Liberal to Reactionary and From Liberal Atheist Feminist to Reactionary: Part 2, She’s a pretty impressive young lady….

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It is always nice to put a face to a name, i.e., in this instance  @MadJewesswoman.  While I do not know TMJ personally, I follow and respect her work and am fond of the woman whom I understand came to my defense on Twitter about a year ago.

Grumpy Elder later contacted me about TMJ’s annihilation of the Communist petard who attacked me on social media.  At that time, I was going through some health issue and may have forgotten to thank her, so I ask TMJ’s forgiveness for my oversight and thank her now. @MadJewesswoman, you rock. Thank you.

You may have (or not) heard that this woman can go toe to toe with the most rabid Communist on Twitter.

Check her out: The Mad Jewess with Commentary by David Ben Moshe.