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screenshot suspect garland shoot twitter page FireShot Screen Capture #010 - 'Shariah is Light (@atawaakul) I Twitter' - twitter_com_atawaakul

Yep, you heard me correctly. In my previous post, “Two Jihadists Carrying Explosives Shot and Killed Outside of Texas Draw Muhammad Event,” I questioned the obvious strange tweets and the timing that they were dispatched.

What role did the Islamic State play in tonight’s failed jihadist attack?

A tweet by one referring to himself as Sharia is Light, twitter handle @atawaakul was dispatched supposedly twenty minutes prior to the attack to @_AbuHu55ain under the #terrorattack. Both accounts were eventually suspended. Are (were) they the jihadists?

As is now being reported by the mainstream media, Elton Simpson, from Phoenix and the recent subject of an FBI investigation has been identified as one of the shooters.

screenshot shariah is light use of hash tag texas attack


Overnight and today FBI agents and a bomb squad were at Simpson’s home in an apartment complex in near 19th Avenue and Thunderbird where a robot is believed to be conducting an initial search of the apartment.

Officials believe Simpson is the person who sent out several Twitter messages prior to the attack on Sunday, in the last one using the hashtag #TexasAttack about half an hour before the shooting….

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As pointed out by The Gateway Pundit, Shariah I Light has used the hashtag #texasattack before “*** Shariah Is Light was the first one tonight to use the hashtag #TexasAttack and he used it BEFORE the shooting!”

As the story continues to unfold, we ask, what about all those “moderate Muslims” who at 1:30 a.m. were dutifully dispatching sympathetic tweets referencing the barbarians?

See screenshots below followed by the photograph of the tweet and a comments by ISIS [sympathizers?] on the failed attack (on under #GarlandShooting org #texasshooting).

Sympathizers or Members of ISIS?

I ran across the above tweet by Sarah Osman (@ummah0327), whose description says that she is a 17 year old “Muslimah in Somalia” (per Twitter account). From what little researched I did, Osman is a student at the Saudi Center in Nigeria and ISIS sympathizer if not a member herself.

screenshot islamic state garland shooting

I replied to her tweet with a snarky remark(above). Osman has since protected her tweets (screnshot below).

screenshot islamic state garland shooting now protected twitter account ummah

screenshot sarah oman @ummah0327 twitter page

While I responded to several tweets last night, this morning some accounts have been deactivated or suspended. How about that?