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Washington Examinerby Paul Bedard

Republican Carly Fiorina took a step closer to running for president, revealing Thursday that she is near a decision while blasting Hillary Clinton’s policies as ‘crushing the middle class….’

Laying out her platform to reporters at a breakfast roundtable sponsored by the Christian Science Monitor, she slammed domestic and foreign policies under President Obama and Clinton, decrying a ‘web of dependence’ that’s trapped the poor while making others poor by destroying small businesses with regulations….

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With Clinton’s whole platform based on identity politics, Fiorina with great precision will neutralize Clinton’s deck of gender, class warfare and race cards, one after the other.

After all, her accomplishments are non-existent while her scandals are many. Even worse, for Clinton is that the misdeeds of the Clintons continue to surface. Adding to that once neutralized, Clinton will have nothing to run on.

Below is a video of the breakfast conference in its entirety.


H/t Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.

Jonathan Capehart of The Washington Post wrote an article entitled, Carly Fiorina, pink nail polish and sexism about his meet up with Fiorina after the breakfast conference. Capehart attempted to corner Fiorina on a remark made by Paul Bedard of the Washington Examiner about “pink nail polish” during the breakfast and on the subject of identity politics. Fiorina did not bite (to Capehart’s surprise). The article is definitely worth checking out

Carly Fiorina on the Tax Code

Chicks on the Right

The big problem is our stupid tax code and all the regulations that get piled on and piled on and piled on and they NEVER get taken away. And Carly Fiorina, possible Republican presidential contender (only if she wants to make things interesting), has a few simple ideas for the tax code that someone who’s dealt extensively in private business would bring up….