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screenshot rand paul ad

I ran across the video at the bottom of this post of Melissa Harris-Perry and comrades over at MSNBC performing their usual schtick. Given the title of the post, I had to force myself to watch but I am glad that I did.

The video begins with Melissa Harris-Perry showing clips of politicians from both parties speaking before Black crowds.

From Joe Biden to Hillary Clinton, each politician adapts his or her lingo speaking before the audience in what is both insulting and painful to watch.

Then Perry brings Senator Rand Paul into the discussion. Interesting enough, Paul is himself, which surprisingly Perry points out in a good way.

The discussion begins at 2:40 and it is quite interesting in that all admits that Paul is addressing concerns that even Progressives will not touch.

Of course, race baiter Michael Eric Dyson who has not yet gotten over the fact that in 2013 Paul actually spoke to students at Howard University (how dare he) remains true to form.


While I do not agree with all things Rand Paul, it remains certain that Paul is a threat to the Progressive establishment on both the left and the right.