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screenshot World’s Worst Cop Admits to Quotas, Falsifying Charges, Extorting the Poor


The Free Thought Project By Matt Agorist

Kennewick, WA — A disturbing yet incredibly revealing video was uploaded to YouTube yesterday which shows a Kennewick police officer admit to a slew of misdeeds.

The video starts out with the officer proclaiming how stopping these teenagers on the last day of the month, just helped him reach his quota.

“This is the last day of the month. I get every stat I need just off of you guys,” says the officer as he begins his rights violating confession.

“So you guys gotta make quota, huh?” asks the detained teen.

“We don’t have a quota. We have expectations. And what that means is, you will make so many arrests a month, you should write so many tickets a month, and you should haul so many dumbasses to jail a month. If we’re gonna pay you $100,000 a year, we should expect something back from you, shouldn’t we?” says the officer.

When the man replies, ‘yes’ that he understands what the officer just said, the cop then asks, “Would you like to be part of my quota tonight?”

The young man then asks the cop, “On what grounds [would you arrest me]?”

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The story does not end with the ticket. The video has since gone viral. The author of the above article is updating the article when necessary.

So far, we have come to learn that Kennewick Police Department initiated an internal investigation of the incident, which has gone viral across social media.

The officer is in the video Glenn Ball, a 21-year veteran of the Kennewick Police Department. Ball remains on active duty during the investigation and according to a press release put out by the Kennewick Police Department, “Based on what we have seen in the video, the officer’s comments are not consistent with our values and are not consistent with our expectations of how our officers should interact with the public.”
Reprinted with Permission from The Free Thought Project. H/t Random Candidate.