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Was it his second day as pResident that Hussein Obama returned the bust of Churchill to Great Britain? One (that would be me) tends to forget. It has been a very long six years.

Today is Winston Churchill Day – the day that commemorates Sir Winston’s being named an honorary U.S. citizen. Hussein Obama was not available to wax on about one of his favorite Brits as he participated in a roundtable with “Civil Society Leaders” in Panama City, Panama (though things there weren’t really all that civil) today. Seems I am not the only forgetful one.
May, 1940 with the Nazi’s on the move Churchill tells his countrymen something we Americans need to consider as we watch this administrations attempts to snuggle up to Iran –

We have differed and quarreled in the past;

But now one bond unites us all–

To wage war until victory…

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