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screenshot rooftop solar panels


Liberty Unyielding

Solar companies in Arizona claim they are victims of “slanderous campaigns” by electrical utilities spreading unsupported allegations, but letters from consumers tell a different story.

The Arizona Corporations Commission launched an inquiry last December “to study business models related to solar distributed generation,” inviting interested parties — including consumers, solar panel manufacturers, power companies, and interest groups — to submit comments, which are posted on the commission’s website….

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You can view samples of consumer complaint letters here.

So utterly Progressive. If the consumer is displeased with the service, it cannot be what environmentalists, in this instance solar companies are offering, the problem must be the customer.

This brings to mind the emails and bulletins I receive from my utility company during the summer offering me a $25.00 rebate and lower monthly bills if I allow them to control my air conditioner and the emails and bulletins I receive during the winter offering the same if I allow them to control my heat. No thank you to all of the above. H/t Grumpy Opinions.