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Quote from Jean Vanier Found of larche

This is what happens when you treat children as human beings instead of human capital. You listen and attend to their needs instead of complying with the educational elites.


Missouri Education Watchdog, By Gretchen Logue

The Wall Street Journal had an article yesterday about L’Arche, a global community of people with mental disabilities and their nondisabled peers who live together as equals. From The Gift of Living With the Not Gifted:

All the grunting, screams and chatter meld to form an uncommon orchestra as more residents gather to eat. Then we hold hands and sing: “Bless the Lord, you, God’s servants, / All of you who live in God’s house, / Lift up your hands to the Holy Lord / Proclaim God’s greatness and the power of God’s name. Amen.”

Eating at a L’Arche house can be discomfiting if you’re a stickler for table manners. There is much spitting, spilling and gurgling. But gradually the discomfort melts away, and the residents draw you into their world, unhindered by politeness or social rank. That’s the point of the place: to understand what it means to be human in all its imperfect forms, and to mark human dignity where it is least physically obvious.

What an Easter affirmation to read and ponder on this day! What a contrast to the messages we hear every day in education reform. The proponents’ claim for the need of Common Core is for the quest for ‘equity of outcome’, all while the reformers ignore […]


LINK:  http://missourieducationwatchdog.com/compare-and-contrast-the-easter-message-vs-the-education-reform-message/