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Clearly, Alix Bryan and employers over at CBS had no idea what was coming after Bryan levied allegations of fraud and then boasted of his/her allegations on Twitter last week against creators of Memories Pizza GoFundMe investigative reporter, Lawrence Billy Jones III and talk radio host, Dana Loesch (both of TheBlaze).

(As noted in his/her tweets, Bryan levied the allegations “just because” which has pretty much become the norm for the mainstream media except this time, it backfired…fast and furious.)

The instant backlash to Bryan’s false allegations sent CBS management running for cover desperate to scrub any affiliation with their employee on social media.

Backlash! CBS scrubs hack Alix Bryan’s affiliation: Here’s why that’s even MORE of a fail

Looks like CBS wasn’t too pleased … the @CBS6 Twitter feed has also scrubbed Ms. Bryan from its Twitter bio:







As reported last week by The Gateway Pundit, Alix Bryan, a social media employee with WTVR-TV, the CBS affiliate in Richmond, Virginia, is now under investigation by the station management for levying false claims and filing a report alleging fraud with GoFundMe against the Memories Pizza GoFundMe campaign.

Bryan’s claim of fraud was compounded after he/she tweet a lie that he/she did his/her research which immediately backfired in Bryan’s face and that of his/her employers when challenged by Lilac Sunday and one of the campaign’s creators, Lawrence Billy Jones III. (See tweets below.)



The Memories Pizza GoFundMe campaign now closed netted $842,592 was put together by investigative reporter, Lawrence Billy Jones III and talk radio host, Dana Loesch (both of TheBlaze) on behalf of the business which came under fire after being sabotaged by the media over their Christian belief.

See video below:


As of Friday, 5 pm, CBS’ station management was still investigating.


In the meantime, Mediate reports WATCH: Gay-Inclusive Church Choir Sings Hymns Before Memories Pizza


P.S.: As reported by BizPac Review, Bryan has history with GoFundMe. The elitist once “launched her own GoFundMe campaign – to throw herself a lavish Las Vegas birthday party, according to investigative journalist and GotNews.com Editor-In-Chief Charles C. Johnson. She has since called the effort ‘selfish.’”