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McDonalds Beatdown Aniah Ferguson Perp Walk Collage

There are many words that can describe 16-year-old Aniah Ferguson[i] and fellow gang bangers involved in the McDonald’s beat down of Erasmus Hall ninth grader Ariana Taylor Monday but sweet, confused, innocent and mentally ill children (as one or two posts refer) are not among them. (Enough with the sweet innocent Facebook photos. It’s getting old.)

Ferguson, the ringleader of the now infamous McD’s beat down (this week’s anyway) of Ariana Taylor was arrested Thursday on charges of gang assault and robbery and is reported to have a troubled past and rap sheet that includes arrests for stabbing her brother and beating up her grandmother, who took out an order of protection against her.

On September 22, 2014, Ferguson was arrested for punching a 20-year-old female in the back of the neck and resisting arrest.

Six days later (09/28/2014), she was charged with petty larceny and criminal possession of stolen property after helping a friend move.

October 14, 2014, charged with beating up her 64-year-old grandmother and arrested again on October 22 for violating an order of protection when Ferguson visited her grandmother’s home and refused to leave. A police officer was injured during the latter arrest.

Last month, the gang banger and mother of a one year old was arrested and charged with assault and weapons possession after stabbing her 18-year-old brother in the arm with a knife.

According to a report by the New York Daily News, Taylor who has yet to speak with police boasted of the beat down as if the brawl were a badge of honor or rite of passage on her Facebook page. .

‘Everyone Like Im Famous Now’” 15-year-old Ariana Taylor posted on her Facebook page a day after shocking video of her being brutalized at the Flatbush Ave. fast-food joint hit the Web….

mcdonalds beatdown flatbush 03112015 Ariana Taylor 001 mcdonalds beatdown flatbush 03112015 Ariana Taylor 002

Translation: No snitching. While many are commending Taylor on her Facebook page for holding her own dubbing her an “ICON”, others are imploring the teen to cooperate with police and give up the names of her attackers. Excerpts below. Warning — Some Language, Raw

mcdonalds beatdown flatbush 03112015 Ariana Taylor 003

mcdonalds beatdown flatbush 03092015

mcdonalds beatdown flatbush 03092015 002

Do not hold your breath on Taylor cooperating with NYPD. Besides, rumor has it that the brawl may have something to do with a past shooting. The street creed of “No snitching” will take precedence over the legal justice system. Then there is street justice which can be quite ugly.

For the record, while McDonald’s employees for the sake of their own safety did not intervene, several reached out to NYPD who as usual for this location did not show up until the brawl had ended[ii].

Of course, the same politicians who attack NYPD for racial profiling, among other things are this week decrying the savage beat down in a Flatbush McDonald’s by alleged gang bangers, i.e., members of the Young Savages while from De Blasio down refusing to address Black on Black crime because it is just not financially feasible.

Example, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams offered up a $1,000 reward out of his pocket for information leading to the arrest of others involved in this vicious assault.

One thousand dollars? Talk about placing a value on Black lives, thugs such as those involved in the brawl abscond with thousands of dollars from less than two or three home invasions or muggings? Really Eric Adams?

#BlackLivesMatter, nothing more than a prop and slogan much like that hope and changey thing that once promised to set the world on fire.


Video Source: Damon Thomas Facebook Page
Ariana Taylor, Facebook Page


[i] One suspects that according to what appears to be a sanitized Facebook page, Ferguson until last year was a student of Colleton County High School (Class of 2018) in Walterboro, South Carolina). Maybe yes, maybe no.

[ii] Disclosure: Being familiar with this location and this McDonald’s, it is a known fact that the “junction” as many call it is a prime location dating back more than two decades for many afterschool/gang brawls.

What surprises me is that McDonald’s did not have adequate security on hand (they used to) to deal with the outbreak of violence.

At the same time, it is no surprise that the police who are always stationed in their cruisers just two blocks away (around the corner) on weekdays when school is dismissed and whose precinct is less than seven blocks from this location failed to show up until after the brawl had ended. That too, is business as usual dating back two and half decades.  Google Earth screenshot below.

screenshot mcdonalds nostrand and flatbush avenue 63rd precinct brooklyn new york google earth