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Under the pretext that we are from the government and we are here to help, Scotland is implementing its Children and Young People (Scotland) Act of 2014 aka Named Person scheme.

Passed in February 2014 by the Scottish Parliament, the Scottish government has legislated that a “named person” be assigned to every unborn child when the mother is seven months pregnant.

A health worker will be assigned to child up to the age of five after which a schoolteacher would inherit the role until the child reaches age 19.

Government overreach? Invasion of privacy and taking control away from the parents? The Scottish government remains adamant that The Named Person takes on their formal role from birth – they have no statutory role until then.”

The named person assigned to children under the age of five will be a health worker after which and through age 19, a schoolteacher would inherit the role.

The Scotsman

Guidance on the implementation of the legislation, which was published last week, states that the named person could be involved with families and setting up ‘planning and support’ during the last trimester of pregnancy. The legislation, which is due to come into effect in 2016, covers children from the day they are born up until the age of 18….

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Teachers are concerned that they will be overworked and ill prepared for this task as well as the repercussions of failure to meet mandated expectations BUT what about the PARENTS.

According to the Scottish government, a ‘named person; for every child across Scotland will “make a real difference” to the lives of youngsters.” Translation: Screw the parents.

every child will have a named person – usually a social worker of teacher – who they can go to for advice, support and help….” Support, assistance, doling out advice. Isn’t that the role of parents? “…The named person would also report suspected abuse in line with the current duty of care that teachers already have….”

The objective is to replace parents with government authorities. Proceed with the indoctrination and fundamental transformation of Scotland’s youth into snitches; namely to spy on family members (parents) and report all finding to the government. (Are you listening, America?)

The organization, No to Named Person (NO2NP), is attempting to block the further unfurling of this system, already implemented in Highland, Edinburgh, Fife Angus and South Ayrshire, Scotland (with a national target date of 2016) in court.

Anti-Named Person campaigners granted right to fast track appeal

Campaigners fighting the controversial named person proposals have won their request for a fast track appeal after a judge threw out their initial bid to have the named person scheme declared illegal.

At a hearing in Edinburgh on 17 February, Lady Clark granted a motion which means the case could be heard as early as June.

Although the Scottish Government has stated the scheme will not be implemented until next year, ministers have refused to give undertakings not to proceed with the legislation, meaning there is nothing to prevent them bringing it into force at any time.

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Clearly, politicians cannot be trusted regardless of what nation they represent.

What about PC and the threat to religious liberty?

Elizabeth Kendal in her blog, points out that the law ripe for abuse can be wielded as a weapon against Christians by ideologues and those with an agenda. H/t Christian Today.

Is a child’s ‘well-being’ threatened by home-schooling; or by parents who are seeking less invasive medical treatment; or by devout parents who teach that Jesus is the only Saviour or that God designed marriage to be between one man and one woman? Are children’s ‘well-being’ at stake if they are set curfews, denied their ‘sexual rights’, and taken to church when they’d rather play football?

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