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Tyranny Alert: Beginning in 2016, the TSA will require that travelers (age 18 and over) present a “Real ID compliant license” aka enhanced driver’s license (also referred to as a “DHS-designated enhanced driver’s license.”) in order board domestic flights or enter federal buildings where ID is required without showing a passport or other documentation.”


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Real ID compliant licenses will differ from regular driver’s licenses, which will be marked “Not for Federal Use.”

The Real ID compliant licenses will have a gold star in the upper right hand corner and contain biometric security features such as a front-facing digital photograph of the passenger’s face, which is ultimately used with a facial recognition database.” (What are the odds that this has become an undertaking by the government to designate the “good sheep” from the “bad sheep?”)

Use of a passport remains acceptable; however, if the traveler does not have a passport, then the traveler must present the Real-ID Compliant License in order to board a domestic flight.


‘It is a choice,’ said David Fierro, Public Information Officer for the Department of Motor Vehicles. ‘It’s not mandatory. It’s a choice for secured identification. If you use a passport when you’re traveling you don’t have any problems….The Real ID has a white star with a gold circle around it in the right top corner of the ID; the regular driver’s licenses will be stamped with ‘Not for Federal Official Use.’

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A choice….really? Not mandatory? I don’t think so. David Fierro is misrepresenting the facts.

How can anyone claim that Real-ID Compliant Licenses are not mandatory when the TSA website states clearly that all “Adult passengers 18 and over must show valid identification at the airport checkpoint in order to travel” and then presents a list of what the DHS has designated “valid” identification. Note: A permit for firearms (“weapon” is the term used on the TSA site) is not considered a “valid” form of id. A dig at firearm owners?

As noted on Nevada’s DMV website, Getting a Real ID License or ID Card:

You need to present proof of identity, lawful status, Social Security number, and two residency documents in person at a DMV office.

These are generally the same documents you used to obtain your Nevada license or ID the first time. You must show them again, plus two documents that show your Nevada residential address. You cannot obtain a Real ID card online or by mail.

You may upgrade to a Real ID license or ID at any time without a renewal. The fee is $8.25 or $12.25 for a commercial license…

Source: http://www.dmvnv.com/realid.htm

What is next a chip in the arm? Retina scanners? Oh too late, fingerprints, retina scans, RFID chips we are already there.

Former Senator Ron Paul referred to Real-ID Compliant License as a “Trojan horse.” See his article “HR 418: A National ID Bill Masquerading as Immigration Reform




…With the utmost sincerity and a deep conviction, I am quite confident that this bill, if you vote for it, you will be voting for a national ID card. I know some will argue against that and they say this is voluntary, but it really cannot be voluntary. If a State opts out, nobody is going to accept their driver’s license. So this is not voluntary.
As a matter of fact, even the House Republican Conference, which sent a statement around with some points about this bill, said “the Federal Government should set standards for the issuance of birth certificates and sources of identification such as driver’s licenses.”
This is nationalization of all identification. It will be the confirmation of the notion that we will be carrying our papers.
As a matter of fact, I think it might be worse than just carrying our papers and showing our papers, because in this bill there are no limitations as to the information that may be placed on this identification card. There are minimum standards, but no maximum limitations.
The Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security can add anything it wants. So if they would like to put on our driver’s license that you belong to a pro-gun group, it may well become mandatory, because there may be an administration some day that might like to have that information.
But there is no limitation as far as biometrics and there is no limitation as far as radio frequency identification. That technology is already available and being used on our passports. This means that you do not have to show your papers. All you have to do is walk by somebody that has a radio frequency ability to read your passport or read your driver’s license. There is no limitation as to what they can put on these documents.
This bill also allows the definition of “terrorism” to be re-defined. There are no limitations.
In many ways I understand how well intentioned this is, but to me it is sort of like the gun issue. Conservatives always know that you do not register guns, that is just terrible, because the criminals will not register their guns. But what are we doing with this bill? We are registering all the American people, and your goal is to register the criminals and the thugs and the terrorists.
Well, why does a terrorist need a driver’s license? They can just steal a car or steal an airplane or steal a bus or whatever they want to do. So you are registering all the American people because you are looking for a terrorist, and all the terrorist is going to do is avoid the law. But we all, the American people, will have to obey the law. If we do not, we go to prison.

How long before these DHS designated “Real-ID Compliant License licenses” are required for Americans to get a job, go to school, enter a mall or walk the streets of America.

How long before Americans are divided into good Americans based on their compliance with government tyranny while others are designated outcasts for doing otherwise.

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