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One might have expected the Marxist Gay community to fall into line with the #BlackLivesMatters movement after their blatant highjacking of the Civil Rights movement. If so, then one would be wrong as proven Saturday night when the #BlackLivesMatter crew invaded a Gay bar in San Francisco only to have their efforts rebuffed by annoyed Gay males

Weasel Zippers

#BlackLivesMatter tried to disrupt the lives of white gay guys in San Francisco’s gay-oriented area, the Castro, yesterday night. “We will annoy them and until we make them care!”

According to the protesters, they were so annoying that the white gay guys threw things at them. Sounds like an effective tactic to me!

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As reported by Breitbart:

Activists carrying the torch for #BlackLivesMatter joined forces with nationwide #ReclaimMLK protests and called for the end of what they referred to as a racial division within the LGBT community, shutting down a major intersection in San Francisco’s Castro District on Saturday evening, arguably the district’s busiest night.

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#ReclaimMLK???? Progressive Blacks gave away the store when they permitted all factions of the Progressive movement to hijack the legacy of the Civil Rights movement and Martin Luther King, Jr. for their own agenda while at the same time rewriting history[i].

#BlackLivesMatter chose the Castro district because it’s too white and male. Oh yes, they were also protesting “gentrification”. Go figure.


Published on Jan 17, 2015 by members twelveonesixty

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Still invoking Michael Brown. Good luck Black and Indegenous people trying to run a guilt trip on Caucasian gays.



[i] The homosexual community having achieved their goals has no obligation to pay it forward and Progressive turning on fellow Progressive is no surprise. The agenda of Black America vs. Gay America are in conflict with the other.