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NOTE: The purpose of this is post is not to give McDonald’s free advertising. However, since it will piss off jackass Communists calling 24/7 for the demise of capitalism/free enterprise on their Smartphones, IPads and I-Phones, I have decided to have my say.

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McD’s has a new commercial ad that is raking the nerves of the usual suspects. The ad, which aired during Sunday’s Golden Globe Awards program, consists of McD signs posted throughout the years containing a myriad of messages.

The messages consist of tributes to returning service members, birth announcements and acknowledgement of specific events that may have at one time touched all Americans.

Among the McD signs is the acknowledgment of the September 11th Islamic terrorist attacks on U. S. soil which states, “We Remember 9/11.”

What’s wrong with that? The sign is an acknowledgment not an offering of Big Macs.


In a statement from McDonald’s USA, the brand said they are “happy” that, “the powerful Signs commercial has sparked commentary from consumers.” The company said the advertisement is achieving a larger campaign goal, “to listen more and have a deeper conversation with customers.”

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CNN.MONEY (excerpt)

‘I thought the ad was awesome. It’s clear that all the billboards were real. It was demonstrating that McDonald’s is Americana,’ said Steve McKee, president of McKee Wallwork + Company Advertising, an ad agency based in Albuquerque….

But others felt that the ad, which aired prominently during NFL playoff games Sunday afternoon as well as the Golden Globes award telecast Sunday night, was insensitive….

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McDonald’s’ Tumblr Page

Since the first McDonald’s signs went up, local owners have been using them to say a lot more than just Billions Served. Over the years, in good times and in bad, you might have noticed the sign at your local McDonald’s bearing a message from the heart. Whatever the message, there’s a story behind every one that captures a moment in time and reflects the lives of the community it serves. Click on the images below to read the stories behind the signs. More sign stories…


There is not one McDonald’s ad in existence that would lead me drop everything and run out for a Big Mac or Chicken Nuggets (black coffee, maybe). Just kidding.

I believe that McDonald’s is merely acknowledging the obvious down to the employee getting married next month or who gave birth last week but then I heart capitalism and free enterprise.

Keeping it real, how many of us while traveling cross-country enjoy reading the messages displayed on the McD signs. While some may find the signs/commercial endearing, others feel differently. Among them are the usual suspects who for lack of a better word find all things McDonald’s intolerable. It is the latter group of which I refer.

Enter social media and those who had plenty to say about the commercial ad from both sides of the fence. About those outraged and spitting venom, it must have been the tributes welcoming home our service members that set off the Commie revolutionaries[i]. (See tweets at bottom of post.)

The haters do not give a damn about the people working for McDonald’s, Walmart, Target or any other entity and they could care less what they are fighting for will result in people losing their jobs.

Their faux outrage is nothing more than an opportunity to rip McDonald’s and so they did.

Finally, while McD is accused of being tone deaf, no one is more tone deaf than the Marxist idiots who attack the enterprise while marching through the streets of Manhattan in subfreezing temps demanding a “living wage” and who without hesitation will make a B-line to McDonald’s for a hot chocolate or latte at first sight.

I stand corrected, that is not being tone deaf that is being a hypocrite.





[i] What is next a prime time press conference from Barack Obama attacking McD’s? But first, what is the outburst from revolutionaries who spend their college break in McD’s really about? (See the first tweet.)