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BeFunky_screenshot fox news martha mccallum on the kelly files take on state dept spokesperson marie harf 01122015 761 x 600.jpg


Fox News, Martha MacCallum sitting in for Megyn Kelly on the Kelly File last night took on Marie Harf, spokesperson for the State Department over the Obama administration’s refusal to use Islamic terrorist attacks by its name.

MacCallum to Harf: “Why Is ‘Islamic Extremism’ So Hard to Say?”

Harf’s response, sickening but business as usual. “It’s not hard to say, but it’s not the only kind of extremist we face…”

MacCallum fired back, asking what other forms of extremism “are particularly troubling” to the State Department. Harf told MacCallum that the State Department is “of course” most focused on extremism in the name of Islam….


Harf’s day was not any easier as you can see from a White House press briefing held earlier in the day. Watching her stumble is painful and the very idea that the world is watching embarrassing.



P.S.: Why does everyone who comes on The Kelly File from the State Department look as if they are coming down from something and then once they open their mouths they sound as if they are on speed?