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Oh really………….


Jake Tapper: I’m ashamed by U.S. leaders’ absence in Paris (excerpt)

The United States, which considers itself to be the most important nation in the world, was not represented in this march — arguably one of the most important public demonstrations in Europe in the last generation…Even Russia sent Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

I say this as an American — not as a journalist, not as a representative of CNN — but as an American: I was ashamed….

There was higher-level Obama administration representation on this season’s episodes of “The Good Wife” on CBS….

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Tapper left no one out when he called out top leadership of both parties as well as prospective 2016 presidential candidates. “And this is not just a matter of the current occupant of the White House…” Tapper is right. Where were they? Maybe there was a pre-Superbowl event at the White House. An opportune moment for Boehner and McConnell to hatch backroom deals. (Sarcasm)

At Monday’s White House press conference, White House Press Secretary, Josh Earnest, admitted straight off that the Obama administration’s intentional snub [my emphasis] of the march in Paris against Islamic terrorism was a failure and that the administration “probably should have” sent someone to represent higher up the chain of command. (Jane Hartley, U.S. Ambassador for France attended the march. Hartley procured the position as payback after raising a half million dollars for Barack Obama’s campaign.)

Fox News, Ed Henry, did not give Josh Earnest a chance to squirm out of Obama’s MIA episode.



Well Josh, you dolt, find out exactly what Barack Obama was doing Sunday that he couldn’t tear a half day away from his empty schedule to attend the anti-Islamic terrorism march.

Better yet, why couldn’t Obama stroll over or have the secret service drive him to the DC Silent March?

Clearly, there is a reason that Obama hates Fox News.



Leaders from nations across the world participated….well most anyway. Even if the attendance of one or two were questionable, it is the lack of American representation that has heads spinning.

Barack Obama non-leader snubbed the anti-Islamic terrorism protest by going underground.

Also absent but apparently on queue were, Marxist minions, Joe Biden, John Kerry and Obama’s sidekick, Valerie Jarrett (yep, I went there but do I take her attendance at such an event serious? Not!). Not to worry, wacko bird, VictoriaF*** the EU Nuland attended the Washington, DC rally that although a few blocks from the White House, Obama snubbed as well.

New York Daily News

Yet there was British Prime Minister David Cameron, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, Jordan’s King Abdullah and so many others — most extraordinarily including Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas….

Still worse, Obama’s abdication of leadership reflects a larger presidential failure to convey the gravity of the Charlie Hebdo attack, even if the substance of his anti-terror policy remains strong….

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Of course, Eric Holder was in France earlier to convene an anti-terrorism summit that has nothing to do with the protest.

Jane Hartley, U.S. Ambassador for France who was appointed to the position after raising a half million dollars for Obama’s campaign was in attendance but that of course accounts for nothing.

Obama, community organizer, is a creature of habit. His snub while it speaks volumes and is not representative of the American people should surprise no one.

Always about his base and ideology, rather than meet his obligations to the nation, the world, Obama as his record stands once again stood with the barbarian.

Kingsjesters’ Blog

… after he became President, one of the first things Obama did was to go on a World Apology Tour, culminating with an “Address to the Muslim World at the University of Cairo, in which he lauded the contributions of Muslims to world civilization and to the history of the united States of America, even though the population of Muslims in America, was only around 1% at the time.

Yeah…our Revolutionary War Hero and First President of the United States of America, Mohammed Washington…that’s the ticket!

Since then, Obama has continued to “reach out” to the Muslim World in an attempt to “community Organize” them, even to the detriment of the country and its citizenry, which he is supposed to be protecting….

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Obama’s intentional snub of the #JeSuisCharlie march in both Paris and Washington, DC is indefensible and after seven years of defending Obama for such acts, Obama supporters should be fatigued and humiliated.

Finally, some called this weekend’s marches a “free speech” rally while others a “unity” rally. None called it what it is, a rally against Islamic terrorism. Until the day that the world can call these barbaric acts by its name, everything before that is fruitless.




DC #JeSuisCharlie