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Weasel Zippers is reporting: WZ Under Attack By Radical Black Group… The attack started after the site posted images of a “handbook’ in a post titled Read The ‘For Blacks Only’ Handbook Used By #BlackBrunch Activists

The Black Brunch Rules refers to the thugs who entered a number of restaurants on Saturday and Sunday for the sole purpose of harassing “White People”

From what Weasel Zippers is reporting this was no ordinary run of the mill DDoS attack, they’re reporting their hosting company never saw anything like it. …

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As pointed out by Conservative Treehouse, according to the Black Bunch manual, “only black people are allowed to read the manual”.

Not only is the idea that only Blacks are allowed to read the manual RACIST, it is denigrating of who maintain such a mindset.

Twenty-five years ago, a Black person who said they were going or went to brunch, were attacked with terms such as “acting white,” “all uppity,” “putting on airs” or “bourgeoisie.”

Enter 2015; everyone goes to brunch, Black, Caucasian, rich, poor, which leaves the ill-bred race baiting Marxist idiots, many of whom are elitists, inebriated on their own kool-aid and dying for relevancy out of touch and wanting.

Finally, while Weasel Zippers was down for twelve hours yesterday, the site is back up and running.

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P.S.: You can read the post that inflamed the Commie turds, here.



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