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Besides National Science Foundation (“NSF”) raking in millions of taxpayer dollars in federal grants on data mining projects from the cradle to the grave, i.e., Common Core (Core-Plus Mathematics Project) to Truthy[i] to a $799,860.00 federal grant awarded NSF to create Affordable and Mobile Assistive Robots for Elderly.”

The Washington Free Beacon

A nearly $800,000 project from the National Science Foundation (NSF) is pairing the University of Pennsylvania with a robot company to create the machines, which will be able to deliver glasses of water to senior citizens.

The government said that the project is necessary due to a demographic crisis in America where soon there will not be enough young people to take care of their elders….

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The robot will also be tasked with making sure that seniors live and eat healthy.

According to the NSF webpage:

This Partnership For Innovation project develops and tests the use of service robots to monitor and improve health of the elderly. The growing elderly population coupled with low birth rates in the developed world is creating a crisis in healthcare. The number of senior citizens is outgrowing the number of working-age adults to care for them. In the U.S. alone, the number of seniors over age 65 is projected to double from year 2000 to 2030, reaching 71.5 million. With the scarcity of care options available, affordable robots are a welcome solution for assisting elders with small tasks that would normally be done by a caregiver. While helping elders with activities of daily living in an elder care facility, the system learns about them. It can then do things such as help ensure that they are eating or drinking healthily.

The project consists of two main parts: development of a low-cost mobile manipulator capable of a limited set of elder-relevant manipulation tasks (e.g., picking up dropped items or filling a water glass); and development of a data-driven service system that analyzes the use of the robot over time to monitor elder health via service requests and pro-actively offer assistance as needed. One key to making this system viable is maintaining effectiveness at low cost. This work builds on a commercial low-cost mobile robot platform being developed at Savioke and adds manipulation capabilities via a novel low-cost expanding prismatic joint arm under development at the University of Pennsylvania. This mobile manipulator robot will be used to perform service tasks, such as delivering water to elders. The data gathered by these robots and how elders use them in the field will provide information about how robots can help create a larger data-driven health monitoring system.

The partners at the inception of the project include University of Pennsylvania, both the School of Engineering and Applied Science as well as the School of Medicine (Philadelphia, PA) and Savioke (Sunnyvale, CA, a small business concern) along with broader context partner, “LIFE”–Living Independently For Elders (Philadelphia, PA, a non-profit organization).

“…ensure that they are eating or drinking healthily… This mobile manipulator robot will be used to perform service tasks, such as delivering water to elders.”

Impossible to buy this sell from an administration that has so little regard for the unborn, babies, the sick and elderly especially when one takes into account that the primary objectives of the government and corporations is data mining.

Nudge, Push, Shove, Sabotage – GRUBER

While the NSF webpage quotes the growing number of seniors as the rationale behind this project, it is worth noting that Barack Obama’s cuts to Medicate under Obamacare will drive nearly half of the home healthcare agencies in the United States out of business and/or into bankruptcy by 2017.

The Hill

this will have a detrimental effect beyond seniors; it will also have a direct impact on taxpayers and the economy. By causing so many home health providers to close, the home health care cut will result in higher Medicare costs as many seniors are forced into more expensive institutional settings. The closures will also cause as many as 465,000 professional caregivers to lose their jobs, according to an analysis by Avalere Health.

But most important, the ObamaCare home health cut will have a direct impact on seniors and disabled Americans too.….

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Barack Obama, his administration and comrades are biased against the unborn, physically impaired and elderly.

Speaking of cradle to grave data mining and going from Common Core to robotic assistance for the elderly, enter Bill Gates.



[i] A $920,000 federally funded research project by the University of Indiana that monitors Conservatives via their twitter handle, tweets, conversations and hashtags such as #tcot #sarahpalinusa, #GOP. The information of which goes into a federal database for the 2016 elections. Its intent is to target Conservatives by suppressing free speech and political dissent.