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“Al Sharpton came in, put his name on the situation, but has not even made one single call to the parents of Akai…”

Akai Gurley - facebook tumblr

Akai Gurley – facebook tumblr

Al Sharpton and his National Action sent the family of Akai Gurley an invoice for a eulogy Sharpton planned to deliver at the young man’s funeral even though he never once placed a phone call to the parents of the deceased.

Gurley, age 28, was shot once in the chest and killed two weeks ago by one of two rookie NYPD officers patrolling a “darkened” stairwell in the Pink Houses, a housing project in Brooklyn, New York[i].

NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton stated that Gurley’s death was “‘a very unfortunate tragedy’ that befell someone ‘totally innocent.” Even NYC’s Commie mayor, Bill de Blasio acknowledged that the death of the 28-year-old death appeared “to be a tragic mistake.”

That, however, did not stop poverty pimp Al Sharpton (among others) from stoking the fires with a press conference lambasting the officers, demanding a thorough investigation, yada, yada, yada.

Outraged, the family demanded that Sharpton mind his own business and stay away from the upcoming wake and funeral” which was held yesterday.


Gurley’s aunt, Hertenceia Peterson — who is speaking for his mom — tells TMZ, ‘Al Sharpton came in, put his name on the situation, but has not even made one single call to the parents to Akai.’

Peterson says all Sharpton sees ‘is money and political gain and that he is turning the tragedy into a circus.’

She says the family does NOT want Sharpton at Friday night’s wake, where the Rev has promised to deliver a eulogy. She also says he’s persona non grata at the funeral….

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Sharpton who insists that he is not grandstanding claims that Gurley’s domestic partner and mother of Gurley’s 2-year-old daughter, Kimberly Michelle Ballinger asked him to speak at the funeral. Sharpton has allegedly since reconsidered since his attendance at the funeral has sparked a family dispute.

Stunning? Not really. Just more proof that Progressives believe that they own all Black people. So used to taking advantage of Blacks and giving nothing in return, Progressives cannot be bothered to set forth an illusion of having respect for Blacks.

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The odds are because so few of us demand it.





Officials said Liang was holding a flashlight in his right hand and a Glock 9-mm. in the other when he opened the door to the eighth-floor landing. Liang’s gun went off — and the bullet apparently ricocheted into the chest of Gurley who was one floor below….