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BeFunky_screenshot charles barkley ferguson riots edited

In an interview Tuesday with former NBA player, Charles Barkley, CNN’s Brooke Baldwin attempted to nudge former into walking back his Ferguson rioters “scumbags” statement.

Backfire! Instead, Barkley doubled down on his statement, a hard truth, refreshing and a must see.


We never discuss race in this country until something bad happens. And even then it usually reflects a ‘tribe mentality.’All these people standing here, saying if they indict him, they were already going to riot. Your mind does not go from let me sit here and listen and let me start burning police cars and tearing down buildings.”

Reflecting on the above exchange, I kept reminding myself that Caucasian Progressives in academia and the mainstream media who go PC on television are not honest with themselves or the viewers.

When the cameras are off, their true feelings are the exact opposite as the words uttered when the cameras are rolling.

Judging from the expression on her face, I expected Baldwin to mention the “Uncle Tom” labeling of Barkley by disapproving Blacks.

After all, the mindset of these elitists are that since they voted for Obama, they can now enjoy the liberties of no longer being labeled biased while at the same time, visiting such allegations upon those who choose to walk another path.

Baldwin, of course, knew better. Progressives are nothing more than closet bigots.

On a final note, unable to silence Barkley, Obama’s overseers must be spitting nails.