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Young jihadists in Syria who left the comfort of their homes in France to join the Islamic State are now contacting their attorneys and families hoping to return to their homeland without facing repercussions.


Because according to a series of letters published by Le Figaro newspaper earlier this week, as it so happens modern technology such as IPODS, IPADS do not fare to well in the middle of a caliphate, “winter is here” and “they want to send me to the front but I don’t know how to fight.”


Attempt to negotiate their return after months in the ranks of the Islamic State … Many young French contacted a lawyer or their families with this in mind. Their messages vary but pose these questions: “If I go back to France, what will happen to me? Can I avoid jail? What should I do in exchange? “And claim that they have been misled by visiting Syria.

‘I have almost nothing apart distribute clothing and food. I also helped clean up some weapons and transport the bodies of fallen soldiers in the clashes. Winter is here. It’s getting very hard,’ says in substance a candidate to return, based in Aleppo.

Sometimes words are of naivety or confounding unconsciousness, ‘I’m sick and tired. My iPod does not work here. I have returned! ‘The shock of modernity and medieval connected lifestyle imposed on Daech recruits. When the tone is not more whiny – ‘I’m tired. They make me do the dishes “- or frightened -” They want to send me to the front while I do not know fight ‘… Sometimes the question raised is very prosaic, as this pair of jihadists who is worried because her child, born in Syria, does not exist for the French civil status….

According to information from Figaro, several jihadist lawyers have decided to act.

‘We are in contact with the police as a criminal, but a hypersensitive subject, says one of them, which requires secrecy, wishes to remain anonymous. Everyone is aware that the types remain longer there, the worse it will be and that by seeing or commit atrocities they turn into time bombs. But from there to have a formal speech on the fate of France is ready to reserve for its ‘repented’ … No minister is willing to take the risk! Imagine that these ex-jihadists is then involved in an attack….’

In Aleppo, Raqqa, the inclination to leave the ranks of the Islamic state does not always go unnoticed. The French have been bludgeoned to spend their desire to desert. According to rumors, a “soldier” – French or of another nationality – was even beheaded after explaining to the local emir that he wanted to follow the path of his compatriot and friend who had already fled….

Source: Le Figaro.

So much for the glory of jihad. France’s criminal attorneys are going to be quite busy as they race to attain the return of French jihadists the Islamic State starts beheading them.