UPDATE: BREAKING>>> #Ferguson Mayor Called For National Guard – REQUESTS WERE IGNORED! (Video)


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Below is Ferguson Prosecutor Robert McCulloch’s press Conference:

Not long after the announcement came down that the Grand Jury saw no need to indict Officer Darren Wilson, outside agitators took to the streets of Ferguson, St. Louis, Missouri to reap revenge not on the police (well, they tried) but on the city of St. Louis.  


Clearly, it was an ugly night for the residents of Ferguson who will rise this morning to increased misery, unemployment rates which may very lead to many becoming homeless, the necessities of their small town non-existent.


Communist talking points are that the fires were burned for Michael Brown. B.S. Collectivists always know better even if it means that others must suffer.  

Only those who did not have a first row seat to the riots from the late 60’s to the Burn Baby Burn era that covered the 70’s could utter such idiocy.
The government rebuilt or distributed grants to oversee the rebuilding of the Black community but it took nearly 35 plus years to happen.
Enter 2014 — Progressive rule, Marxists hell bent on push through their ideology by any means necessary, in particular upon the misery of Americans.

Rather than force myself to revisit the glory days (to hear Progressives tell it) of the 60’s and Burn Baby Burn era which was anything but, I’ll take the easy way out and let you view the misfortunate that has befallen of Ferguson yourself.
(Note as with OWS, Occupy Oakland, etc., many of the people creating havoc were not residents of Ferguson, as ignored by the mainstream media.)

Eventually, out comes the National Guard.

Looks like fire trucks are about to leave:


No doubt, the insanity and disrespect of the residents of Ferguson will continue. Below are two LIVESTREAM links worth of note, i.e., St. Louis Police Department scanner and 41 News Live:




Look for video updates: https://twitter.com/GirbaudTx