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Terrence P Bean crime photo

Terrence P Bean crime photo

Reports concerning the arrest of Terrence P. Bean, a key Obama bundler (and Kingmaker”) who was indicted this week for the 2013 sexual abuse of a 15 year old boy has been for the most part local until this week when Brett M. Decker of USA Today wrote an op-ed in which he also noted the media bias/double standard.

Bean, age 66, Progressive and co-founder of LGBT organizations, Human Rights Campaign and the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund was indicted on two counts of sodomy in the third degree, a felony, and third degree sex abuse, a misdemeanor.

USA Today by Brett M. Decker

…The scandal is escalating. Thursday, according to local media, Kiah Loy Lawson, allegedly 66-year-old Bean’s 25-year-old former boyfriend, was arrested by the Portland Sex Crimes Unit for sexually abusing the same boy. After the relationship between the two men ended, Lawson went public with claims that Bean had a practice of secretly videotaping himself having sex with others….

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Decker justly points out that if the accused was a George Bush donor the reporting by the mainstream media would have been off the chain.

Mugshot - Kiah Lawson, former boyfriend of Terrence Bean, arrested and charged this week.

Mugshot – Kiah Lawson, former boyfriend of Terrence Bean, arrested and charged this week.

Earlier this year, the Williamette Week wrote an article entitled, “Terry Bean’s Problem” in which Bean’s attorney, Kristen Winemiller, alleges that this case is about the extortion of her client who has always had his former playmate, Kiah Lawson’s best interest at heart.

Bean’s attorney has told the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office that Bean is the victim of an extortion plot carried out against him by a former boyfriend, 24-year-old Kiah Lawson, a onetime cellphone salesman with a drug problem and a criminal record.

Bean says that last year he fell in love with Lawson. Bean paid him a $400-a-week allowance, put Lawson up in one of his homes and took him on international trips….

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Bean denies allegations levied against him by Lawson and charges of child rape.

According to the Federal Election Commission’s campaign-finance database, Bean has political donations to Kay Hagan, Mark Udall, Barack Obama, Ron Wyden, Tammy Baldwin, Hillary Clinton, Barney Frank, Mark Begich, Mary Landrieu and Barbara Boxer for starters.

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NOTE: Bean’s website, Beinbean.com, may have been deactivated so to speak and settings on social media accounts modified; however, a Google search (“images” with time frame through the end of 2013) is proof positive that once you upload anything to the internet, it is there forever. Suggested reading: Accused Gay Child Rapist Democrat Donor Financed Pro-Child Rape Film (GotNews).

Props to Brett M. Decker, member of USA Today’s Board of Contributors and “consulting director at the White House Writers Group.” for not compromising his ethics by shirking his duties as a journalist.

Source: Kiah Lawson photo, Facebook page.
Terrence Patrick Bean Mugshot, MCSO Booking Data.
Kiah Lawson, MCSO Booking Data.