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BeFunky_null_1 Landrieu going home


There is not one person in the state of Louisiana whom Mary Landrieu did not offend with her desperate and misguided statement.

While I detest it when someone refers to another as bitter, in this instance, one must admit that Mary Landrieu attacking her own in the face of defeat fits the bill.  Moreover, I can imagine her Black constituents wondering to themselves, “What’s up with that? Why did she go there?” and then thinking to themselves, “um, hmmm. I knew Landrieu was racist.”

In addition to the overuse of class warfare, race and gender baiting tactics these past six 1/2 years, Progressives are experts at accusing others of that which they themselves are guilty. With the exception of the usual suspects, no one else is biting.


TIME CAPSULE: The Real Mary Landrieu – Remember Katrina.


Out of touch and on a gag factor of 1 to 10, Landrieu is a 48.

This Native New Yorker and Unhyphenated American is sick of hearing about the racist South, no doubt, an overused and necessary tool for Progressives who can’t stand on their achievements while at the same time negating the never-ending racists antics of the North in the past and present.

Losing more ground every day, Landrieu who has done nothing for her constituents has put the final nails in her own coffin.