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maxine waters


Pursuant to an article by Charles C. Johnson of Got News, an independent anonymous art collective has put Progressive elitist, Maxine Waters on blast by displaying posters labeling Waters a “Poverty Pimp” throughout Los Angeles and in front of her mansion.

screenshot of maxine waters mansion hancock park mansion los angeles_Fotor

Maxine Waters is a ‘Poverty Pimp’ with dollar signs in her eyes, say street artists based in Los Angeles.

‘Niggas better have my money!’ says the background of the anti-Maxine Waters posters that began appearing around Inglewood and tony Hancock Park. Waters lives outside of the district she represents–in a mansion in Hancock Park….

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Maxine Waters Poverty Pimp Poster Detail

The posters, which went up Thursday, are on display in front of Waters’ Hancock Estate and in very visible locations throughout Los Angeles including the 43rd Congressional District that Waters allegedly represents. As you will note from the photograph of Waters’ mansion, Waters lives elsewhere.

Maxine-Waters-Poverty-Pimp-Poster-Detail in Waters District

Posters are on display throughout the 43rd Congressional District that Waters allegedly represents.

Finally, the artists responsible for “Poverty Pimp” have promised the appearance of more works of art between now and Election Day in swing states.


Screenshot of home: Google maps.