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Quarantined Ebola Nurse, Kaci Hickox is a card carrying Progressive and CDC EIS Officer.

Quarantined Ebola Nurse, Kaci Hickox is a card carrying Progressive and CDC EIS Officer.


Oh, how the plot thickens New Jersey quarantined nurse, Kaci Hickox, who penned an article in this weekend’s Dallas News bitching about her treatment by officials at Newark Airport, some of whom were CDC failed to disclose her employment with the Centers for Disease Control.

Those of us who have been paying attention the past several weeks knew something was up as we recognized the language, i.e., Barack Obama, White House, CDC, MSNBC and now Sandra Flukes’ Kaci’s talking points were EXACTLY the same, VERBATIM. (It’s an insult that they believe us too ignorant to notice.)

On top of it all, Ebola Nurse aka elitist aka Sandra Fluke, correction Kaci Hickox is a registered Progressive (and Obama shill), which explains her arrogance and overwhelming sense of PRIVILEGE.

GotNews.com by Charles C. Johnson

Initially turned down for Doctors Without Borders, Hickox applied for a position with the Centers for Disease Control’s infectious disease unit. She received that position and began a two-year fellowship in Las Vegas, NV where she currently still works.

Hickox’s travels as a nurse took her to Myanmar, Cambodia, and Nigeria and convinced her of the importance of quarantines and ‘health surveillance,’ according to the University of Texas-Arlington newsmagazine. ‘I realize that we need to find better ways to improve health surveillance and outbreak response in settings with poor resources,’ Hickox said. ‘My training in the EIS with the CDC will allow me to learn the gold standard of this kind of work….’

She co-wrote an anti-pharmaceutical industry op-ed for the Baltimore Sun and advocated against policies that would have developed life-saving drugs….

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Kaci’s LinkedIn account has suddenly been expunged but not before Fire Andrea Mitchell was able to procure a screenshot (below).

kaci hickhox linkedin account shows she's a cdc hack


Progressives are now attacking the credibility of Charles C. Johnson, GotNews.com who broke the story so before his proof mysteriously disappeared from the internet, I accessed the article from which he quoted (excerpt below, parts of which may be redundant and screenshot at the bottom of this post).

Passion, Practicality Drive Nursing Graduate – UTA Arlington

Alumna Kaci Hickox takes a reasoned approach to almost everything. She’s enthusiastic about nursing, but her career choices follow a logical order.

“I always felt a strong desire to work overseas with vulnerable populations, and nursing seemed to be a perfect avenue,” she says. “On top of that, I knew there was—and still is—a nursing shortage and that I would have job security.”

It just made sense to pursue a two-year postgraduate fellowship in applied epidemiology with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Las Vegas.

Think of the CDCP’s Epidemic Intelligence Service as the CIA of public health. EIS teams respond to crises such as the West Nile virus and the pandemic H1N1 influenza outbreak. Hickox ’02 will work with the country’s top epidemiologists to analyze and improve health and disease surveillance.

Her first overseas project came in 2004 with the International Medical Corps after the tsunami in Indonesia. “While the work there was difficult and challenging, both professionally and emotionally, it also made me feel alive in a new way,” she says.

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Confirming Kaci’s ties to the CDC, the CDCP’s Epidemic Intelligence” is “a unique 2-year post-graduate training program of service and on-the-job learning for health professionals interested in the practice of applied epidemiology.”

Thanks to Free Republic the following links that will take you straight to articles written by Kaci Hickox and posted to the CDC website.

Pedestrian Traffic Deaths Among Residents, Visitors, and Homeless Persons — Clark County, Nevada, 2008–2011 dated July 18, 2014 by Kaci L. Hickox (CDC)(See screenshot below)

Kaci Hickox CDC article july 2014 - 'Pedestrian Traffic Deaths Among Residents, Visitors, and Homeless Persons — Clark County, Nevada, 2008–2011' - www_cdc_gov_mmwr_preview_mmwrhtml_mm6328a1_htm



62nd Annual CDC Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS) Conference

Kaci’s photo along with other CDC EIS officers, “Class of 2012” are on page 138 and she is referenced pages 18, 70 and 143.

Screenshot CDC  'Conference Program_ 62nd Annual Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS) Conference - April 22-26, 2013 cover page


Screenshot CDC EIS Officers Class of 2012 Kaci Hickox 'Conference Program_ 62nd Annual Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS) Conference - April 22-26, 2013 EDITED


CLOSEUP of class photo:

BeFunky_SCREENSHOT CDC EIS OFFICER CLASS OF 2012 CLASS PHOTO KACI HICKOX EDITED 002.jpghttp://www.cdc.gov/eis/downloads/2013-EIS-Conference.pdf

Additional links concerning Kaci Hickox and her CDC ties can be found at Free Republic.

FACT: Sandra Fluke Kaci is an EIS Officer for the CDC and an Obama shill. Let her rot in that tent. It is shameful that she would consider herself above others who might find themselves quarantined. As such, that is the mindset of an elitist.

Starting to feel as if Barack Obama is protecting one of his own by pushing governors to reverse their policies on the 21-day quarantine.

What does this all mean?

For starters, Election Day is next week and then there is the presidential election in 2016.

Since Bridge gate fell through, Sandra Fluke Kaci has hired a civil rights attorney to represent her in a lawsuit, Progressives will use this against Chris Christie and those mean old Republicans.

I would bet Michelle Obama’s lunch program that this is just another dog and pony show put into play by the community organizer in the Oval Office.

In other words, this is nothing about Ebola, quarantine or containment.

These events are being staged. Kaci’s interviews with the media, a circus that has nothing to do with her rights being infringed. This is about politics, power, how long Barack Obama will sink and my bet is that Kaci will be out of quarantine by day’s end.

The intent of this charade was to change the minds of Americans who in overwhelming numbers are demanding a temporary travel ban and 21-day quarantine of those traveling from Ebola-inflicted nations, a gamble which backfired due to Obama’s shill being exposed.

What the mainstream media has to say about it does not matter. They are doing the will of their lordship, the community organizer.

It is the people’s voice that matters. We want a travel ban and 21-day quarantine put into effect for those traveling from Ebola-plagued nations.

One more thing, Republicans wake up! I’m tired of the GOP repeatedly being taken for a fool by Progressives. This must stop.


screenshot uta article kaci hickox

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