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Labor Union Report

Watchdog.org’s Jason Hart (an occasional contributor at LaborUnionReport.com) has done yeoman’s work in compiling Labor Department data exposing the hypocrisy of today’s union bosses.

Whilst they fund “grass-roots” campaigns like Occupy Wall Street and Fight for $15, and use class-warfare rhetoric, today’ union bosses are, in reality, doing quite well raking in the big bucks—all paid for by their members’ union dues.

Here is Big Labor’s Top 100 (with emphasis added):

While unions call for tax and minimum-wage increases to fix “income inequality,” reports to the U.S. Department of Labor reveal 472 union officers and employees were paid more than $250,000 in 2013.

In all, America’s 100 highest-paid union officers and employees received $54.8 million taken from workers last year.

Union officials lived even higher on the hog in fiscal 2013 than the year before, when 428 union officers and employees were paid more than $250,000 and the top 100 received compensation totaling $52.1 million….


Union fat cats live high on the hog, yet their minions and sock puppets declare war on the wrong entities. If they really want to take one percenters to task, they have only to look within starting with the likes of Randi Weingarten, President of the American Federation of Teachers who earned $560,000 in 2013.

Let us not forget AFL-CIO thug, Richard Trumka, who earned $322,131, the equivalent of a $154.87 per hour while pushing for a higher minimum wage.


Image source: The_Subsidised_Mineowne Trade Union Unity Magazine (September 1925), Wikipedia, public domain.